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“Good and simple just got redefined”. New definition appears to be “Panic and confusion”; which has become everevolving global world’s characteristic. Accepting flaws was considered bold step towards improvement. Not anymore. Accepting presecence of hiccups,echoing no pain, no gain sentiment upfront putting end to any kind of possibility of discussion has become fashion. End of it, people will get used to it.

Start-ups are taking the advantage of the same and driven by technology are on journey with a mission to solve World’s problems. Come to think of it, start-up culture is not all that fresh idea. Over the years, innocently many of us have helped initiate people into business, address unmet needs, and help start their ventures as distributors, matching centers, manufacturing, etc. Now, we can get paid for it and make money on our good deeds. Bitten by curiosity, I decided to do some research and facts bared took glamour out of start-up wave.

75 % of venture-backed startups fail. Though, brick & mortar are no longer prerequisites of a business; making it less cost extensive. Uber, Ola, Paytm, etc. are fine examples of it. Of the total start-up pie, only 17% startups are founded by females. As they progress and move through stages from seed-to-early-to late stage, these female founded startups receive less-and-less funding. In 2016, Male founded startups attracted funding appx. $94 billion compared to female founded companies could gather only $10 billion. I recall having written an editorial dedicated to patchy presence of Women leaders way back in 2013. Sad to observe that not much has changed in the last 4 years.

Hail startup idea to open doors for women workforce! I did by funding one of them in Healthcare services. So far it’s been a ride of unlearning the learned and re-learning!

Increasingly, GLOCAL (being Global while being locally relevant and vice-versa) is only going to get stronger in the days to come. Anything that happens globally, will affect us locally. Globally, inequality between countries is shrinking but I see them increasing within countries. Divide in India is hard to miss. Top 20% populace accounts for 45% of National Disposable Income: (National Sample Survey Organization 2011-12) -75 % of rural India survives on mere Rs.33/- per day.

At least 330 million people in India are believed to have been affected by drought in 2016.With appx. 18 million unemployed youth and fear of job cuts by major companies in India; situation looks gloomy. Fear of stronger inroads of automation in industries adds to the fear of more job cuts. Rising Income and wealth disparity along with other factors like climate change, increasing polarization of societies, increasing cyber dependency, ageing population, and (failure / lack of) national governance will determine the economic trends. And of course, disruption by technology having huge impact on our day-to-day life and managing it along with afore-said factors, road ahead is tough.

Finally, after all these years of debating and waiting; GST stormed into our lives. A lot has been read, said about GST - a wonderful Concept with lot of potential, lost in poor implementation. Do look out for PK Effect in this edition of Ink News. A very interesting article by Prof. Mishra on performance of the BJP govt. and honourable P M Mr. Modi’s leadership.

I fail to understand why something so important and the backbone (if I may call it) Crude Oil and its product have been kept out of GST circle. Though, consumers are expected to be part of global and national rise and fall in the Petrol / Diesel prices; I still don’t find considerable lowering price benefit reaching out to end consumer.With this comes the woes of the Ink & Coatings manufacturers Globally.The raw material for this industry rising gradually and surely the Ink manufacturers are still trying to find out the amount of cost increase to pass on to the Printers. In India, we expect the proactive & Intelligent BJP government to lower its revenues from GST & other government levies from the Central and State levels to ease the inflation in raw material prices at the hands of the manufacturers. For a developing country like ours, it would mean a lot especially to the NewsPaper and the Packaging segment and make the people feel that it is people’s proactive government which ”Walks its Talk” with an ‘Eagle Eye’. In the pages ahead, do read up an article on printing Inks market size and where its headed by yours truly.

Some of our Industry colleagues, who missed attending very engaging conferences in Ahmedabad and Mumbai can catch up on the content in the pages of this Ink News Issue. Conference at the Westin-Mumbai on March 8th, 2017 was attended by 260+ people for the inauguration and was very well elaborated by the eminent local and overseas speakers on Disruptive thought processes for the futuristic businesses strategies.

The Ahmedabad conference on Digital, Economy etc. was supported by the Ahmedabad Printers Association and practically the whole of Gujarat and the Ink Makers from All India were seen Hob-nobbing with the Printers and colleagues. Goes to show the importance Gujarat Printers are getting. The photographs captured at the event would highlight the spirit of these conferences.

The exhibition Asia Coat + Ink show jointly promoted by AIPIMA & IPCA too, was a qualitative attendance with majority of the decision makers of the respective companies along with their Technical and commercial teams were there to discuss what’s new and close deals wherever possible.

In addition, you will find Coverage of Interpack in Germany the largest packaging exhibition held in Düsseldorf Fespa and the world packaging exhibition are well reported by the AIPIMA members personally present at the events.

By the time Ink News reaches your hands the AGM ON 11th August 2017 at the Hotel Mirage, Mumbai to elect new President followed by a seminar& COCKTAILS & DINNER. Looking forward to welcoming new President,new team, and exciting times enveloped in waves of uncertainty of unlearning, relearning and changes.

President speak

Vimal Mehra Ex President Ink-News

Dear Industry Colleagues

By the time you read this article, GST would have become a reality and we would be in the process of understanding and following the new tax regime. Let us wish each other a very best of GST regime and hope it benefits all of us the way it was expected.

For me, this note is a very special one. This will be the last time that I address all of you as the President of AIPIMA, as I have decided to step down as President of this prestigious Association post the coming AGM on 11th August 2017. Though as per terms of the Association I could have continued as its president for one more year, the decision to step down earlier is another announcement I would like to make through this column.

After spending almost 4and a half decade in the Printing Ink Industry, I have decided to hang my boots and retire. 31st July will be my last working day in this industry. Selling ink was like a passion to me. I am retiring as Iwant to now pursue my other interest/passion in life.

When I joined this industry at the young age of 20 +, I had not envisaged that I would spend all my life serving in this industry. But the challenges and achievements made me continue. Challenges brought the best out of me and achievements brought growth and stature. Before I realized where time has flown, I had completed 20+ years in Coates of India, a company who I still value as I value my Mother. It taught me what a mother teaches her young kid, Respect, Values, focus, commitment and above all integrity.

For close to 15 years I worked with Micro Inks. This was truly a first Indian Multinational company. Think Global but act local was the vision of this company. Customer first was the slogan this company followed in every business field it entered. All employees were treated as part of the family and shared the wealth. Bilakhia family members were true leaders. They inducted Trust, Truthfulness, and Fairness in dealings and family bonding in every employee. They considered every employee as an Asset and looked after them as any one looks after its Asset.

My journey in this Industry gave an opportunity to work not only all over India but also globally. I had the good fortune to work in US for almost 7 years and became the first non-American to serve as Director on the board of American Ink Association (NAPIM).On my return from US I looked after International market covering Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and part of Europe. I also had the privilege to work with British, French, German, American & Japanese Multinationals and trust me each one of them have unique work cultures with an ultimate aim of offering solutions to their customer.

As I bid adieu to the Graphic Art Industry, I thank all my colleagues, mentors, well-wishers and above all Customers, whose love and affection made my journey memorable.

AIPIMA will now move into New & Young hands . You can see the new improved the committee members with new faces. Do support the association as you have always done.

‎Lastly,To all the managing and executive committee members of AIPIMA , here is wishing you all the best to take the association forward to new and greater heights.”

Will Miss You All.